Surviving Finals

Now that it is dangerously close to the end of the semester, most students are stressed with last minute assignments and the quickly impending exams. Since there is so little time left every minute counts. Before the relief of a long holiday break here are some tips for surviving the rest of the semester relatively unscathed.

  • First of all start with constructing a list; gather every syllabus and write down any assignments that are left, as well as any that are overdue.
  • Bring out the highlighters, find a blank sheet of paper, and make a calendar for organizing your list of assignments by the day they are due.
  • Make sure to spread tougher assignments over several days, and to have something scheduled for every day, no matter how small.
  • On the calendar remember to add any other plans, activities, and study breaks. Everyone will eventually get sick of studying and will fall behind if they take a break when they are scheduled to write a paper.
  • All the planning in the world will not be enough, so be prepared to spend all night studying. Have plenty of coffee and snacks available for emergencies.
  • Armed with a good plan the studying can begin. Studying is best done alone for most people since friends can be distracting. Reviewing on the other hand is more effective in groups, because friends who know the material will be able to answer any lingering questions about the material.
  • Finally now is the time to visit the tutoring center in the library for any difficult subjects. Tutors can often provide a different perspective on the material than a professor.

Most importantly relax, hang in there, and happy studying.

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