Thor: The Dark World Should Be a Fun Time For Movie Goers

“Thor:  the Dark World” continues the adventures of Marvel superhero Thor. Like the other solo hero movies in Marvels “Phase Two” ( Iron Man 3 for example), this move picks up where Marvels mega smash hit team up movie “The Avengers” left off. Thor this time around must save his home planet Asguard along with the rest of the universe from the evil Malekith the accursed, who is looking for revenge after Thor’s grandfather forced him into hiding many years ago, after stopping him from obtaining a magical liquid that could make him all powerful.  Thor also makes his return to earth to visit his human love interest Jane Foster.
The overall plot to the movie could be a little better, and it won’t win any academy awards for screenplay, but this movie has great visuals, action, and is sprinkled with enough humor to make you laugh. The writers of the film perhaps could have cut back on the jokes a tad since this is supposed to be a superhero movie, but I don’t think it will really bother anybody. Tom Hiddleston’s performance as Loki, Thor’s step brother, is also what makes this movie enjoyable. Loki has become a pretty beloved villain in the Marvel universe.
Movie critics can be really fickle as Thor received a 66 percent rating on the site Rotten Tomato’s from professional film critics. 66 percent is still considered “Certified Fresh”, but I think it’s a little low. The Audience’s rating however  it’s at 85 percent. This film is probably a little more for the general movie going audience.
Thor: The Dark world should satisfy not only comic book fans, but all those who enjoy a good action flick. The only way I see anybody not being entertained by this Thor movie is if you are a superhero hater, which there are some out there.

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