President Obama visits NC State

Recently at our neighboring college, North Carolina State University, President Barack Obama gave a speech that changed the Triangle for generations to come.
President Obama reassures us about post-college nightmares of not being able to find a job by stating, “I don’t want the next big job creating discovery for research and technology to be in Germany, or China, or Japan. I want it to be right here in America, I want it to be right here in North Carolina!”Not only is this monumental for us “Raleighites” but this is huge for students in every state.
It was held at North Carolina State University because the Department of Energy has agreed upon giving $70 million dollars for the research and industry department to work toward building a better semiconductor.
North Carolina State University having been chosen for this on-going project by the President himself promises their lead within a group of six other universities and 18 private-sector companies. The goal of this conglomerate is to assure jobs to be brought back into our nation and back into our graduates’ hands.
This huge step is being taken “…to help make Raleigh-Durham and America a magnet for the good high-tech manufacturing jobs that the growing middle class requires and it is going to continue to keep this country on the cutting edge”, says Obama.
Student Seam Pruzskowski, a freshman at NC State who was able to sit in on the President’s speech, discloses , “I think that NC State has a good reputation for engineering to begin with and Obama coming here will just increase our reputation and create a lot of jobs in the area.”
For those students who are close to graduation and for the freshman who don’t quite know what they want to do yet, there are going to be little to no worries about finding a job post-college thanks to North Carolina taking a leap and promising more employment and better opportunities for all.

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