Graduation is almost here: May 3rd, 2014

Rose Toss (Demo)

Let the countdown begin to William Peace University’s graduation for all 2014 fourth year students. If you ask a student that is graduating May 3rd, how many weeks until they walk around the stage in their cap and gowns they will tell you “approximately 4 months.” But we all know it is even less than that. The anticipation is high around campus for all those students graduating. The university, formally known as Peace College, holds their commencement ceremony on the main lawn in front of the school where the beautiful fountain has a memorable impact on the commemoration.
The 2014 William Peace University graduation is a special one. Those students that are graduating this year have the opportunity to graduate from Peace College, as the school was previously known. The majority of the students that are fourth years entered the college when the all-women’s institution went by Peace College. Many of the women that will be sporting the cap and gown this May view this commencement ceremony as a sentimental moment shared with fellow Peace College sisters.
“I am excited to graduate in May. Graduating in May means that all my hard work has paid off and I am being recognized for my accomplishments at WPU. I will miss the faculty and students at WPU but I am excited for my future after college,” said Caitlin DeMarco, a William Peace University senior.
There are a few important upcoming dates to remember during this exciting time of William Peace University’s future graduates. The most current date to be aware of is the deadline for Spring Graduation and Commencement Participations Application which ends on February 14. Forms for application can be found in the registrar’s office or on WPU’s website. All requirements are to be in order to successfully complete the graduation application. The fun has just begun!
On May 2, the Baccalaureate ceremony will be followed by the Commencement ceremony the very next day. Many students may not be aware that Baccalaureate is OPTIONAL but will begin at 6:00 p.m. on the University Green. Commencement takes place on May 3. You can find all of the important times and guidelines for the event on the WPU website. William Peace University is full of traditions, as we all know. One beautiful tradition of the university began at the college many years ago, where students sing the Alma Mater and once finished, they toss the roses into the fountain located on Main Lawn. These are the memories we will not forget.
It is easy to get carried away with all the details that we often forget what an invigorating time this is for each and every one of those graduating. Hard work and dedication got us to where we are today…a few months shy of one of the proudest moments of our lives!

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