Spring Awakening Coming to Peace

Spring Awakening: A New Musical

By Megan McLeod

Spring Awakening is approaching fast!

All the cast and staff members have been working very hard. Everyone is dedicated to getting this show together. The cast has class all day, then come together for rehearsal at night to get ready for the opening of the show. They are spending a lot of their time and effort to put on a good show here at school.

This show is going to be unlike any other show we have seen at William Peace University.

According to Jason Dula there is “heavy content” and some of the students were hesitant to audition. Due to the content of the show, it is being treated like a rated “R” film.

Dula says the show will touch on the topics of teen suicide, sex, and homosexuality.

Even though these are heavy topics, Dula hopes that the show will get a positive reaction.

“I hope that the audience will get what the show is trying to convey”, said Dula. “Even if some people are hesitant on coming because of the content, challenge yourselves to come out and see the show”.

Dula has also commented that even though the subject is heavy, in the core is hope.

There will be a free preview open to students on February 12th. Come out and see this much anticipated show!

For tickets and info, go to https://wpeaceu.wufoo.com/forms/spring-awakening/ and get your ticket today!

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