Where are my books?

Main Students on Camp 2- Makayla C

By Trea Brady

A question that has been answered but and a problem that has not been solved.

WPU students have started school, moved in , and settled into their rooms, and ordered books. The only thing left to do is receive the books that they have ordered online. The bookstore has been having some technical problems with the delivery of books to campus.

Due to all the intense weather and unpredictable conditions, student’s books arrived later than usual. A majority of students like to purchase their books online ahead of time, even if the book is available in the school bookstore; simply because it is cheaper.

Sophomore, June Gay, says “The library had the books that I needed, it was just cheaper online”, Something that any economical college student would do.

June explains that the shipping typically only takes two days, unless some students choose to get expedite shipping which takes one day.

June says that the only thing she didn’t like this time about ordering books online is that she paid for expedite shipping and it got here after the free shipping, and she did not get a refund for the inconvenience.

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