Peanut Week

A wide shot of WPU's Main Building with tulips in the foreground.

By Cecilia Dhali

Peanut Week is officially back and in full motion. This week is amongst one of Peace’s oldest tradition that started in the early 1950’s.

A Peanut is a term of endearment meaning buddy, friend, or pal.

“The week of Valentine’s Day, students, faculty and staff can sign up to participate in this event.”

The Office of Student Services matches all of the participants with each other and they are secret “peanuts” for that week; it is similar to “secret Santa”. Monday through Thursday the Peanuts drop off small gifts, anonymously, on the tables by the Student Services Office, to be picked up by their Peanut. On Friday, the Office of Student Services hosts a Peanut Reveal Party; there Peanuts bring their last gift and introduce themselves to each other,” said Lara Lee King, Director of Leadership & Service at William Peace University.

Class of 2013 alumni, Faith Inman said, “The main mission behind Peanut Week is to continue Peace’s rich traditional values and build community on campus. Peanut Week brings the Peace community together and allows its participants to get to know other members of the community. Every day is different and every day there’s a different item waiting for your Peanut.”

Inman encourages participating in Peanut week because, “It’s the perfect way to meet new people. If I had not participated, then I probably would not have met some of my favorite people at Peace.

About 75 people participate in Peanut week every year. In addition to meeting new people and building stronger bonds through delicious and fun goodies. Another bonus is, “if you don’t have a “valentine” Peanut Week is a great time to “share the love,” said King.

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