Dealing with the Stress of Exam Time in College

With exams right around the corner many students are beginning to stress out. Exam week can be a hard time for all and different people have different ways of dealing with the pressure.
“When I get stressed out I sleep,” said Rachel Sapp, a sophomore at WPU.“I will be taking four exams for the spring semester.”
Most students will have to take at least four exams if not more. “I try not to get stressed out about exams because I know that they will be ever soon,” said Christiane Newell, a junior at WPU. “I’ll probably just eat a lot of ice cream.”
Some students who suffer from severe stress or anxiety may find some help through the WPU counseling center. There are many different techniques that can be used such as squeezing a stress ball. Many people also find working out to be helpful.
“When I’m stressed out I tend to go run a few miles on the treadmill,” said Haley Hedgepeth, a junior at WPU “it really helps to clear my mind.”
Dealing with stress can be dealt with in many different ways, however the entire student body feels the same sweet relief when exams finally end.

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