Passion: Bryson's Story

Passion is described to be “a powerful emotion,” one that motivates action according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. When discussing the term of passion and the youth with Bryson Gibson, a senior at William Peace University, he admitted that his passion comes from his “faith, family and friends.” With Gibson being a guard on William Peace’s male basketball team, that isn’t his only arena to show off his passion. Bryson Gibson is also an orientation leader at William Peace University. “Lara Lee king is the reason why I have become more involved,” said Gibson. Bryson considers King to be one of the many leaders here at Peace and confessed, “she saw qualities in myself and gave me a platform to display them.” Influence is the fire behind Bryson’s drive as he admits “it is so important for me to give back to others because most of my life has been aided by the help of others,” added Bryson.
Given the opportunities Bryson has with pursuing a higher education at William Peace University, both being an active member on campus and a student-athlete, he is also very aware of his peers mind state. “The younger generation is having a hard time finding out their passion because everything is accessible for them,” said Gibson. The discovery of passion and intent on living one’s desired life comes from parents, suggested Gibson. “Parents have to care and be in sync with their children and not cast them out to the world to be raised,” stated Gibson.
William Peace University offers opportunities for students to “hone in on their leadership skills,” said Gibson. However one can’t expect these opportunities to be handed to them. “Anyone who has the courage to step out their comfort zone and become more versatile,” added Bryson, are the ones who will bask in the advantages leadership and discovery of passion. Without a secure foundation with your family and support, one’s unearthing of passion will be a rocky expedition.

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