The Working Student

It’s hard to believe that a full time student can get a full time job and go to school full time. Whether they have to support themselves or just have money for personal pleasures, working is a must. So how do some students get through a week with this “Trying to manage my time the best that I can, whenever I have a break just check my planner, but it’s definitely not easy,” said Christian Hawes, senior at William Peace
Most college students are working 30 to 40 hours a week trying to make ends meet with rent, schoolbooks, and food. Yes, it’s probably better to work fewer hours while going to school, but some do not have the same luxury as others. “I work not only to pay my bills and to aid my student curriculum, but to work towards my dreams to travel and help my mother,” said Hawes.
With no help from parents or government aid, many students are struggling and are expected to take matters into their own hands at an age where they are still trying to grow up. Most late night shifts are ran by a college student because those may be the only shift hours they were able to pick up because of their day classes. Do most people know what that’s like waking up the same day you just went to bed?
“It feels like life never ends, I feel like I’m an alien, “ said Hawes.
The life of a college student is exhausting because they are just trying to make thegrades, pay their bills, and get by with acceptable credentials to land a decent job after graduating. There’s no way for it to get easier but a students got to do to what a students
Charity J. Young – Rodriguez

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