A Melting Pot

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By Christina Hawes

Variety is similar in its meaning even in different topics of conversation. Variety in clothing relates to the many different styles. With cooking, variety could mean the explosion of different flavors enhancing the dish one is eating. Moving into a new town a person could notice a variety of different assortment of people living in the inhabited area. Much like the above examples, the campus of William Peace University is melting pot in itself.

Delphon Curtis most commonly referred to as “Dj” is a junior here at William Peace University and a Musical Theatre Major. Curtis has starred in production here such as “Into the Woods,” “Godspell” and many others.

“The school is very diverse from the many countries students hail from to the vibrant and bubbly personalities, “said Curtis.

Environment helps distinguish the differences in the student body as well.

“Everyone has their own style and really seems to be finding themselves within the school,” added Curtis.

Aside from the differences there are some similar traits found in the students here at William Peace University.

“I have noticed that everyone here has the same attitude to get everything they need done and a strong focus at making sure they acquire everything they need from the School in order to have successful careers,” said DJ.

Another observation found by the talented Curtis was that “the student population here at WPU is pretty positive and encouraging. We seem to have a very strong community of students that are very relaxed, hardworking and inspiring,” stated Curtis. 

William Peace University’s student life is indeed a melting pot. From different fashions, culture backgrounds, career paths, and groups on campus; the commonality found within the students is the desire to grow and establish a life after college.

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