Keeping the Peace College Traditions

The graduating class this year consists of the last group of women who entered William Peace University when it was still Peace College in 2011. Traditions Coordinator and senior Kandyce Jones is planning for the last Peace College class to go out with a bang by keeping Peace’s traditions alive and instilling them in the lives of the underclassmen.

“A vast majority of Peace’s current students or students who are thinking about applying to Peace are unaware of Peace’s traditions and have very little to no background knowledge about how Peace has transformed over the past 157 years,” said Jones. “As Traditions Coordinator, I feel that my role is to bring traditions of the past to life and get students involved in celebrating the success of Peace.”

The Traditions Coordinator’s role on campus is to serve as an active member on the Student Government Association, as well plan several events throughout the school year. Jones has selected several other seniors to serve on the Traditions Committee to assist her. 

“My Traditions Committee and I are in charge of planning every detail, decoration, music selection, food selection, you name it, for Traditions Dinner, Fall Cocktail, and Red Rose Ball,” said Jones. “The students I chose for the committee are eager to keep Peace’s traditions alive and known. Each member is fluently aware of what each event symbolizes and what our alumni expect from our group carrying out Peace’s traditions.”

The Traditions Committee consists of Samantha Sellers, Haley Hedgepeth, Challie Sullivan, Megan McLeod, Morgan McLeod, and Christiane Newell.

“I’m excited to see how these events play out this year,” said Ginny Taylor, a WPU senior. “It’s bittersweet to think how this year it’s our last Fall Cocktail and Red Rose Ball but I know they’ll be amazing.”

Jones hopes that the work of herself and the committee will ensure that the underclassmen and future Peace students all have the same experience she had as a freshman.

“When I was a freshman, it was remarkable to attend our traditional events and embrace the strong connections with fellow Peace sisters, professors, resident assistants, student activities staff, etc.,” said Jones. “My goal is to continue to set an example and set the bar high for keeping Peace’s traditions classy, professional, outstanding, energetic, meaningful, and overall memorable. My personal goal for my Traditions Committee and myself is to end our senior year in triumph and glee over the seeds we have instilled in Peace’s underclassmen.”

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