PhenoMEnal offers fantastic opportunities

Raleigh NC—Members of WPU’s PhenoMEnal Verbal expressions club are excited about the club’s open mic being held the end of this month.  It will be the first open mic for the club this year.

“I am so excited about this open mic, the last ones were awesome,” said Jaquoya Smith a student at Durham tech.

PhenoMenal is a student activity club created for people to express their talents in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

“It is a great opportunity to see a large variety of artists perform in a calm and easy setting. You also have the choice of performing yourself,” Jibriel Guyon a Wake Tech student who regularly attends the events said.

Phenomenal welcomes all talents. They focus on allowing people to take the opportunity to express themselves in just about anyway shape or form.

“PhenoMenal is a verbal expressions club that caters to everyone. We allow different talents such as rap, hip-hop, singing, poetry, spoken word, comity and other different types of art. We do not discriminate. PhenoMEnal is a club where you get to say how you feel, what your opinion is, and also practice public speaking,” said Nina Barrett a junior at WPU and the president of PhenoMEnal.

While the group is among WPU’s student activity groups it is not geared simply towards the students. PhenoMEnal always encourages the public to join in on the fun.

Jasmine Godbolt a junior a William Peace University and the PhenoMEnal’s secretary said “We have been promoting on campus but also on social media, by word of mouth, and at other schools like Shaw, St. Augustine  and NC State.” 

The open mic event will be held this Wednesday night at WPU, and PhenoMEnal members are ready to hear all the creativity.

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