Halloween Costumes: Yea or Nay?

“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat…” We’ve all heard it before. Granted, I’m not sure how the rest of it goes – whether that be accredited to the years passed since the last time I sang it, or maybe I just didn’t sing it as often as I should’ve. Nonetheless, that time of year is creeping upon us.
But amongst the pumpkin carvings, fake spider decorations, and ABC Family’s annual ’13 Nights of Halloween’, it’s also that time of year when us college students contemplate our participation in the spooky holiday. Is there a deadline to dressing up on the night of the 31st? And if so, have we aged past it?
According to Halloween & More employee, Cooper Bennett, a deadline does not exist. “I’ve sold costumes for new borns, middle-aged customers, and even costumes to senior citizens,” Bennett explains. “Although I may see more families purchasing costumes, our clientele has always included a large amount of all ages – as it should be.”
Taking Bennett’s declarations into consideration, I took a poll around campus to see what Peace students had to say about their participation or lack there of, in the occasion. Out of 20 students, there were only 4 that admitted to their absence in Halloween festivities.
Senior Caitlin Demarco says it’s not that she is against engaging in such activities, but she sees the night as an opportunity for other things. “My first Halloween in Raleigh, my roommates and I had a big test the next day, so we decided to stay in and have a study session while piled up in front of the TV watching Halloween movies. Weirdly enough, the next Halloween approached and we found ourselves piled up in front of the TV again, so we just decided to make it a tradition – regardless if we had work to do or not.” Demarco continues, “This will be our 4th Halloween together, and I bet you can take a stab at what we’ll be doing. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
As there’s shown to be no legal age limit, it appears the the age cut off is an individual preference.
So, do you dress up, or…..

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