An Epic Performance

Group picture of the cast of the "Little Shop of Horrors" play.

By Charity Young

Little Shop of Horrors was a phenomenal show!

The entire cast and crew brought extra energy to the stage during their performances. They were all on one accord and the audiences were drawn into this magical performance.

“Little Shop of Horrors could be the best show at William Peace University thus far,” said Terrace Myles, Junior at William Peace.

“Little Shop of Horrors was entertaining, fun, and energetic. I had a smile on my face nearly the whole time because it was so funny.”

The performers also learned a few new things about themselves that they did not know before. Through their performance and experience, here is some wonderful insight they wanted to give to their viewers.

“I am so lucky to have gotten the chance to voice Audrey II (puppet), I learned quite a bit about myself playing that part,” said Delphon Curtis Jr., Musical Theatre major at WPU.

“The role has really helped me grow as an actor in a way that I never would of known that I could. It is nice to be able to feel like I am actually doing work that people want to see over and over and making art that is memorable.”

Many artists are not valued enough these days so when these actors put forth the effort and a great experience they feel like something has been accomplished.

“Anyone who is in business knows the struggle of getting a show on its feet, but also knows that the best feeling in the world is when you finally get in there,” said Dustin Walker, Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors.

According to Julie Davis, who performs Chiffon in the Little Shop of Horrors – “the cast and crew were great. We all connected and had many laughs and fun times. Working with Michael Bush (the director) was a blast, as well. He brought so much experience to the table and helped us grow as performers.”

Michael Bush is a visiting director for Theatre and Musical Theatre at William Peace University. Bush is a renowned, award-winning director, who is well known for both On- and Off- Broadway productions (LSH Program). Hopefully Bush is considering on sticking around for many more beautiful performances at WPU.

The excitement of the crowd only grew; the performers and crewmembers were mind-blowing. To switch from costumes, to changing the store pieces around, and the lighting … it was EPIC.

“There was a huge audience, and an amazing show (including the lights, set, and sound)! The show really pulled together at the end of the rehearsal process, and blossomed into a beautiful product! I couldn’t be more proud of the faculty and students who helped to put this show together,” said Ms. Davis.

There were many new comers who had actually never seen a performance before. Samonte’ Jones, a guest who does not attend WPU said, “ This was the first show I’ve seen since kindergarten. I was pretty indecisive on whether I would like it or not but it turned out to be a fantastic show. There were parts where I really enjoyed the singing. The cast was very talented. I thought it was neat how they made the plant move in the pot, I couldn’t wrap my mind around how they did that. If there is another performance at William Peace University … I will be attending.”

There will be other shows throughout the school year with theatre and musical theatre so make sure to check them out. Don’t miss out on a great experience at William Peace University. The online site to make payments is simple and easy to reserve your tickets before a show. Don’t miss another show.

“If you didn’t go, you definitely missed out because I was so proud of everyone who was in the play. It was truly phenomenal,” said Mr. Myles.

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