Ka’la’s Court Courage

Being a part of the statistician crew, my job is to input all game activity during the game on a laptop to have percentages and box scores for the coaches to review. One highlight of my job is being able to watch our women and men be passionate athletes. I am able to tell a lot about a player by watching them perform on the court. One of the standout representing the women is Sophomore Guard hailing from Holly Springs, Ka’la Jordan.
Jordan moves with a certain control across the WPU gym. Almost looking as if she is a dancer, her steps are careful and filled with precision. “I’ve been playing basketball since I could walk, I come from a family of ball players, I love it,” said Jordan. As a sophomore forward, Jordan is a dynamic player. “I just try to be wherever my team needs me to be, that’s the main thing for me, that and staying confident,” added Jordan. During Jordan’s freshman year she suffered an injury. “It was hard for me, because I knew what I was capable of, but with my injury I knew my weaknesses, and limitations, so there were things I wanted to do to help my team, but I couldn’t,” said Jordan. As the girls warm up with the opposing team, you can see each player size each other up. “My freshman year I would look at the players, and compare, and think wow they’re good, but now I don’t get intimidated, I grow and learn from my competition, they make me better.”
Averaging 10 points a game, and 6 rebounds, to mention a few stats,  exudes versatility on the court. With her great moments from an onlooker’s eyes sight, I was curious to hearing her personal best. “This year I feel as though I’m more secure and confident as a player, if get a turnover, or make a bad pass, I brush it off, I have to keep going for my team,” said Jordan. Jordan noticed a difference coming into college ball. “In high school, we focused more on team chemistry, under Coach Johnson it’s all about ball, it’s a big difference for me,” said Jordan. After mentioning the difference in coaching, and her player performance evolution Jordan later admitted “ a high moment for me is when I trust my team, for example if I get a steal and I move the ball down the court and I pass it too Z and she makes it, I feel a huge rush come over me.” However with the high moments come low moments, “of course if a play doesn’t go through, and it’s my fault that doesn’t feel good, I just have to shake those lows off, added Jordan.
The women will face off against Mary-Baldwin on Saturday February 14th at 2:00 pm. An Additional home match featuring Jordan will be against longtime rival Meredith College, on Wednesday February 18th at 7:00pm. Basketball home games at William Peace University are free to the general public with concessional snacks available. For stats and away game dates visit www.gopeacepacers.org.

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