WPU baseball start of season

The William Peace University Baseball Team has been established at the school for two years, but this year has brought with it new challenges and excitement. The WPU team is comprised of many returning players with the capabilities to show rivaling teams just what kind of game the Pacers are capable of playing. Conference play has already started for the baseball team. So far, the Pacers are 0-6, but there are still a number of games left in the upcoming season.
This year is the first time the WPU Baseball Team will be playing the U.S.A South Athletic Conference of the NCAA Division III and although the school is currently ranked last in the pre-season, the team is not discouraged. Sophomore pitcher Aron Crumb, remains positive about the upcoming season. “When you are just getting into conference you are going to get last, but what we take away from that is that I don’t think we are a last place team we are middle of the pack we just have to play like it and we know we are capable of doing that,” said Crumb.
The team already had a taste of what conference play would be like, having already played Greensboro College and Ferrum College. Both Greensboro and Ferrum are ranked high in the the pre-season rankings, but that does not mean they cannot be beaten. “We just have to keep working hard and know that we can win games and not worry about being last because we have nothing to lose, we have everything to gain and that is where we have to go from there,” said Crumb.

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