How To Freshen Up Your Makeup

Are you getting bored with your everyday makeup routine? Are you ready to try something new with your look? Maybe it’s time to change it up! Here are a few easy tips to take your everyday makeup to the next level.
Lipstick is a great way to give some extra energy to your everyday look. For paler skin tones a vivid red lipstick can really bring the energy. Red lipstick can also give the illusion that your teeth are whiter, and your skin is paler, and it makes your lips really standout. A great red to try is Persian Queen by Coloured Raine. For darker skin tones, purples and burgundy’s can really pump up the volume. It still gives the illusion of whiter teeth, and for darker skin colors, it can give the appearance of a darker skin tone, again making the lips really stand out. A nice burgundy is Charlotte- Oxblood Burgundy by NARS. For more olive skin tones, a straight purple can give the same affect, like Coquette by Lime Crime.
Eyeliner can be subtle, or it can be a show stopper. An easy way to achieve this show stopping eye, is to add a wing (cat-eye) or double wing. Start with your normal eyeliner, then swoop out to the side at the end, then go back and add some thickness to the whole line. Another way to change up the eye liner is to change the color. For green and hazel eyes, a dark deep purple can really bring out the beautiful color of the iris, and really bring attention to the eyes. A great purple eyeliner is the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Empire (dark eggplant matte) by Urban Decay Cosmetics. For brown eyes, a nice green can bring some dimension to Iris’s color, and again, draw attention to the eyes. One of the best green eyeliners is the Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner in Green by Holika Holika.
And one of the easiest and best ways to change up your makeup is: bronzer or illuminator. For paler complexions bronzer is a great way to warm up your look. While people traditionally use it in the summer, it can be great way to give off a warmer look in the winter. If you use bronzer, make sure to use a warmer blush as well so the look remains cohesive. By far the best blush and bronzer are from NARS: Orgasm Blush by NARS and Casino Bronzer by NARS. For darker and olive skin tones an illuminator can quite literally pump up the brightness. It’s a great way to give your face a nice subtle glow, without having to search for a bronzer that actually matches your skin tone. The best illuminator out there is the Guerlain Météorites Powder For The Face.
So have at it! It’s time to try something new with your makeup. But, above all remember, makeup should not be a way to cover up who you are, but to show off the best of yourself. Use the tips the find the best way to embrace who you are through your makeup. If you love the darker colors and the wintry look, embrace it! If you love the summer looks, then embrace that to! The only way to find the makeup that fits you is to try a bunch of different things, and hopefully these tips will help you try out new makeup and see if it fits into the makeup look that represents you.

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