How to Thrift

I love the feelings I get from going to a vintage place to buy clothes. I love the fact that no one can have my same experience, and most importantly, the same article of clothing. Most people who are new to thrifting would say that it is time consuming or overwhelming. Depending on the person’s personality, this may be true, but overall the experience is what you make of it.
• No one will have your article of clothing.
• Cheap Prices and sales
• You’re able to personalize your clothing! – The world will adore your creativity.
• Can be a “Hit or Miss” depending on the store.
• There are no others.. GO THRIFTING!
Ah, the resale retail life, and enjoyable wonderland of old people’s clothes awaits you! In this entry I will share some tips that help me organize my thoughts while I partake in my shopping adventures and some relevant things to keep in mind before you purchase!
Always go in with an open mind: You may know exactly what you are looking for before you step foot into the store, but always keep an open eye, mind, and be flexible! They may not have exactly what you’re looking for.
Have a preset budget: This tip is to all the people who can’t say no to that vintage jacket. A thrift shop is a dangerous place for a credit card! Make sure you are always shopping with cash, this way you have no choice but to cut yourself off when you’ve used all your money. This may be heartbreaking at first, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run.
My Method:

  1. Pick up everything I like, regardless of prices, necessity, size, etc. I find that picking up everything that I like makes my creative juices flow. I tend to find a spark of inspiration from a unique article of clothing. Plus, what if I have a friend that can wear it?(excuses to shop)
  2. Sort through all your clothes and make separate piles of “Likes”, “Love”, “Wants”, and “Needs”. When I first started thrifting I have one pile named “Getting it. Now, I think about what I have less of, or what my closet is lacking. I may love the article, but I also may already have something similar to it.
  3. Buy it. This is the easy part, just buy it.

Simple as pie! Now get out there and create your wardrobe! Happy Thrifting!

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