People of Peace Volume II

Fady Dabbagh, Class of 2016.
“I took a year off after high school. My mom kicked me out of the
country because I was a pretty bad kid. That’s when I really developed
an appreciation for academics and all of the things we have available to
us here in America. You know, like opposed to other countries who have
people that deserve an education, but really can’t get one, you know?
That’s when I was like, okay, this is what I want to do.”
Christina Cass, Class of 2017. I asked her why she was dressed out.
“They just tell us, so I follow.”
Porter (Dog) and Sydney Melchert, Class of 2016.
“I love him, he wins.”
Tracey “Original” Gowens, Class of 2016.
“Keep your family close. I say that because usually you go out and try
to find other people like, ‘Hey, let’s go out to dinner,’ or, like some
crazier idea, like I want to build an empire or something. You never
know, you probably got some family members thinking the same idea.
I don’t have any brothers but me and my cousins, we’re like brothers,
and we all want to go into business together.”
Brandon Bates, Class of 2018.
“Keep your head up: best advice I’ve ever been given. Whenever I’m
upset about something, I just think ‘Keep your head up, you’ll be

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