People of Peace Volume III

"" standing behind a counter

By Elizabeth Daniels

Quinton “Q” Howard, Class of 2016
“I believe that the caf should offer more food options at breakfast, lunch and dinner. My peers have expressed their disappointment in the quality of food. The staff is really great; everyone is nice but honestly, the food can taste a lot better. No disrespect, but this is the overwhelming majority opinion of the student body.”

Nasjere “Nas” Williams, Class of 2018
“Failure is not a bad thing. Failure doesn’t actually mean failing. So if you try and you fail, you’re not [actually failing] because you’re getting new experiences and learning from it. So in the long run, you’re not actually failing.”

Kerri, Sodexo Employee, Belk Dining Hall
“Can I interview you?”
“No, but you can take my picture!”

Victoria Taylor, Class of 2015
“Take notes. It’s good to take notes because [professors] might say something that’ll interest you later. And then you’re going to want to research it. And so that’s pretty important. They may say something that you can reference in the future.”

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