Impact of Social Media

Main (Makayla Cook)

By Chris Harris

Social media is a big part in college life — many events and activities are somewhere on a social media website. Social media has changed drastically over the past several years.

In the past, social media sites were mainly used as a form of interpersonal communication, but now it is an influential way for businesses, schools, religious groups, and community organizations to advertise and brand themselves.

At Peace, students, faculty and staff use social media to communicate with each other. With the intense winter weather the past couple of months, social media was used to keep students informed on the roads and school closings.

Peace students in the Communication department can enroll in Interactive and Social Media, a hands-on course that teaches the ways social media platforms may be applied as a skill in the work place.

Quinton Bullock, a sophomore at WPU talks about his use of social media.

“I mainly use it to find out what is going on because now it almost seems like if anything were to happen it would be blasted all over social media channels,” said Bullock.

“The way we interact has changed over the last few years because before I could go to class ask people what is going on and they would tell me, but now people will say to just look at Twitter or Vine. If I want to know what’s going on at that moment I want them to let me know and not have to do extra to know what’s going on,” said Bullock.

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