Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Jeopardy

three young girls wearing green shirts and wigs

By Xuxa Bennett

Raleigh, NC — The luck of the Irish may have unfortunately run out this year for the local Raleigh area.

A crowd of dedicated people gathered in downtown Raleigh this Saturday to celebrate the up and coming Saint Patrick’s day. In spite of the rain, these people enjoyed the annual Saint Patrick’s Parade that showcased lots of lively music and dancing and elaborate costumes.

Although the Raleigh Saint Patrick’s Day Parade committee has been hosting the event for years, this year may be the last one with a parade as a part of the celebration.

“I have lived here in Raleigh for years, and I can not believe they are stopping this parade, It has been going on for so long, and I never would have guessed money would be an issue in it’s future,” said Dustin McCraven, a resident of Raleigh.

Events held in the city have become so great in number that the Raleigh Police Department is now requiring committees to pay a fee for officers to secure the site. The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Committee simply can not afford to pay this fee.

“The Raleigh Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Committee has to pick up the tab that will fund the security service in which the Raleigh Police Department is requiring them to have. We will not allow taxpayers to pay it,” said John Boyette, Raleigh’s Interim Director of Public Affairs.

Many fans of the parade hope the road rises to meet them on this journey in keeping the parade alive for many years to come.

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