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By Chris Harris

With the school year coming to a rapid end students that are not graduating are gearing up for another year at William Peace University and students have to get everything ready for the year starting with housing.  Students are applying for housing and some students are torn between staying on campus, going to Wolf Creek or even deciding to stay off campus.

With the student population increasing, some students are forced to live off campus or at Wolf Creek and for most they are okay with the living arraignment.

Avery Obame, a sophomore at WPU talks about the benefits that living at Wolf Creek offers: “Living at wolf creek is pretty satisfying in my personal opinion. I really value being on my own and wolf creek is really great for that. I have my own room, bathroom, and space. I really feel more on my own and responsible living at wolf creek.”

Living away from school can sometimes become difficult, but as Obame said, you feel more responsible and on your own, and may not feel like you have that much responsibility when on the campus.

More students are opting to live at home or at an off campus apartment, mainly because of the financial strain that living on campus causes.

“The only thing I really liked about living at home was being able to eat free food. Other than that it is definitely more liberating living at wolf creek because at home it was harder for me to get involved at school and make friends, I just went to class and that was the only interaction I had with school mates. At wolf creek I get offered to do more from school mates. I get to hang out with my teammates more which I am really grateful for,” Obame said.

There are many people that want to live on campus, but with the application process underway, students will have the opportunity to choose where they are going to live next school year.

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