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By Christina Hawes

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Starting in 16 out of 19 games thus far with a few more games left in the season, Michaela Fox is leaving a great trail with the William Peace Pacer women in softball. Having a total of 11 and counting hits this season, Fox is making strides and shows no signs of stopping.

“Being in the field is rewarding, not many people get to say they got to play a sport they loved in college,” said Michaela.

Another benefit for Michaela is her team; “Being on a team has taught me strong communication skills, and is also teaching me how to work with different people, which will help me in my career said Fox.”

As a sophomore student and in her second year playing softball I was curious to how Michaela handled the responsibility with her studies.

Time management is critical for me, I have to differentiate the things I need to do from what I want to do since my time is very limited,” added Fox.

Fox also applies time management in her health as well.

“Another aspect to my success on and off the field is taking care of my body. It’s easy to fall amongst physical and mental exhaustion, but I try and give my body as much rest. By doing this I wake up motivated to start my day,” said Fox.

Fox’s dedication and work ethic shows, both on the field and in the classroom.

This past Saturday and Sunday the lady pacers hosted a Military appreciation against Mary-Baldwin in which the pacers won both games. The William Peace Softball team is currently third in the Division 3 Conference.

The Fox and the lady pacers will bat off against Methodist on April 3, 2015 at 1:00pm.

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