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Main Students on Camp 2- Makayla C

By Xuxa Bennett

Raleigh, NC — it is now the second semester of the 2014-2015 academic year, and some raising seniors, juniors, and sophomores are worried their progress towards their goal of graduating.

William Peace University prides itself on being a small university that is able to give students alot more attention than Universities of larger numbers. Alot of this attention should be coming from the students’ advisor but many feel as though they are not getting that attention.

“We’re told to meet with our advisors in groups of four. I pay way too much tuition to be advised in a group. I can get one on one advising at community colleges and universities, but not at a private school? That’s backwards, and crazy,” Stated a raising senior who does not wish to have his name mentioned.

Pacers are saying that they believe they are not going to graduate on time, they were unaware of some of the school’s resources, or that there are classes that they could have benefited from according to their major but did not know about.

Some students wish that their advisors would have informed them more on the things that can be helpful to them while others seem to be satisfied with the amount of attention they are getting from their advisors.

“My advisor presides over three departments. In spite of this, she never shows favoritism to students with any particular major. When I visit her office, she is always inviting and relatable. In fact, one conversation with her is what sealed the deal for me when I was considering changing my major. Having her as both an instructor and advisor makes me feel confident she knows me as a person,” said a raising senior who also preferred to remain anonymous.

It all comes down to knowing exactly and precisely what questions to ask inorder to get some help. Some pacers strongly believe that to be a hopeless attempt.

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