William Peace Men’s Tennis Faces Multiple Obstacles

"" tossing a tennis serve

By Bronson Canovai

This spring season has been full of obstacles for the WPU Men’s Tennis team. Often times it is the weather, but more recently, the team has been set back by sickness and injury. Although snow and rain has caused many matches to be cancelled and pushed back, the team has continued to work hard and push through this irregular season.

Similarly, colds and minor injuries have affected the team.

“It had its ups and downs towards the team, but it’s never going to stop, it just makes us stronger,” said freshman Ryan Echavarria.

As the season goes on, the men continue to fight for their first win. They have seen glimpses of times where it could have been possible but have yet to fully seize the moment.

Ryan Echavarria/photo by Kevin Rist
Ryan Echavarria/photo by Kevin Rist

As the WPU Men’s Tennis team plays its final matches of the season, they hope to finish out strong and free of injury and sickness.

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