Beautiful Sentiment: “Etchings in Stone” Review

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During Roger Christman’s Communication Agency class on Thursday March 26th, an invitation to see a play was mentioned. Christman informed his students that he was directing a play at the NC Museum of History. The piece was centered on the Vietnam War, a play written by Ron Harris entitled “Etchings in Stone.” Assisting director Roger Christman were several William Peace University students who produced video clips that displayed elements surrounding the Vietnam era. The creative students whose work was showcased were: Alexandra Finazzo, Olivia Hall, Kimothy Jones, Olivia Gray, Nadine Parangi, and Nikke Bayunga. Katherine Barrett continued to shine taking her presence from William Peace’s Theatre onto the stage in Etchings as a member of the Cast, alongside Christman and Jeremey Reynolds. What intrigued me wasn’t solely due to personal ties of family who’ve honored their country with their service during this war. The most compelling aspect, was how the gripping honesty of the script and how simplistic the set was. There was no elaborate set popping with colors, the characters weren’t decorated in themed clothes. The natural talent and words from each character did all the magic in bringing Harris script to life. I was moved to tears by entire production. Harris’s script and Christman’s direction showcased the many effects the war left on family members, other veterans, reporters and the new generation of youth. For three days “Etchings in Stone” remembered and play tribute to our valiant veterans, and I say “Bravo, Brava, and Encore!”

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