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By Quinton D. Howard

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Don’t look now, but Donald Trump is leading the polls to represent the Republican Party in the 2016 Presidential election. Crazy right? Trump has taken politics to a whole new level, basically campaigning as if it’s a sport.  Many questions have surrounded the 69-year-old billionaire regarding why he decided on a bid for the oval office.

Is it for publicity? Is his desire to be President strictly ego-driven?

Or does he truly want to better America in the way he sees fit?

The only person that knows his agenda is Trump himself, but according to polls he is winning the hearts of many Americans.

The great polling numbers that the Trump campaign is registering is a representation of how frustrated the American people are with conventional politics.

People are tired of the same old rhetoric; particularly in the Republican Party. Objectively speaking there has not been much of a plan presented thus far in the any of the campaigns including to Trump’s.

However, Trump has been speaking the boldest and the loudest about other candidates.

From calling Bernie Sanders “weak,” to calling Jeb Bush “low-energy… but a nice guy,” the businessman is not sugarcoating anything.

The general assumption is that Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination and Trump has been blunt as to why he feels he is the only one who can beat her.

“I think I’ll beat Hillary,” Trump stated on Fox News, “I understand Hillary, I know Hillary. I know the weaknesses; I know the strengths. I’m the only one that can beat her.”

Trump’s most talked about issue is immigration reform. He has repeatedly said that a wall needs to be built on the United States-Mexican border to reduce illegal immigration.

“When politicians talk about immigration reform they mean amnesty, cheap labor, and open borders,” states Donald Trump’s website.

Can Trump actually win the Republican nomination?

Or will his ego and alleged hidden agenda be seen by the populous?

Some people, including students at William Peace University, believe his campaign is being run only for selfish reasons.

3rd-year soccer player at WPU, Micheal McKeel, had an interesting position on Donald Trump’s recent antics: “I believe that Donald Trump is running for president for publicity and he will drop out of the election before its time to select a nominee. I think his great polling numbers show the high amount of ignorance in America because the man really does not know what he is talking about. People just attract to his political incorrectness.”

Rather Trump admits it or not, he does have an ego, which any presidential candidate should have, but is his arrogance too outright? He did claim that he was the reason the last Republican presidential debate broke records in viewer ratings.

“I’ve been in TV, I know how to get ratings,” said Trump.

The billionaire has been trending for quite some time now. He has America on the edge of its seat. What is Donald Trump going to say or do next? Time shall tell.

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