Stress Tips

It’s the beginning of a new school semester here at William Peace University and the to-do lists are filling up quickly! Stress is inevitable when starting a new school year. Here are some helpful tips for managing stress to accommodate the typical college lifestyle:
Procrastination is not an option! Make sure you have all materials needed as well as plenty of time to get all assignments done. Also, it helps to have a weekly planner so you can see how many days you have to complete a project.
Second, keep a positive outlook. No matter how stressful a situation might seem to be, just know you are going to make it through. Meredith Laskelette, a freshman at WPU agrees that keeping an uplifting attitude helps make circumstances a lot smoother and offers her take on staying stress free, “I know that if I stay focused and optimistic, I can do my best on the assignment.”
Last but not least, take time to relax. Make sure to take breaks between study sessions. This helps you make sure you can clear you mind and not get burnt out on your work.

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