When People think of high school they think of the entire day at school — taking six hours worth of classes every day, eating the same thing for lunch each day, having homework each day and dealing with the same teachers day in and day out.
When they get to college they expect that to change somewhat, but the change that they look for may only affect them in certain situations at certain times.
Students here may not have to be in classes for six hours a day, but they still may have homework each day. Students will have different things on their plate and they will have to learn how to deal with each new challenge. These challenges will only become larger and more difficult as time progresses for a student in college and it can become harder to stay focused on the goals that they have set for themselves.
“I did not see that much of a change when I got to college,”  said Quinton Bullock, a junior at William Peace University. “The student population was less than at my high school and the food is about the same. The only change I saw was having classes on different days and not being in classes as long, but that was the only thing that I saw that was different.”
For someone who has been in college for some time now it can be easy to see what changes they haven’t noticed.
The transition is different for everyone. As time progresses students will adjust to the college life and be able to maintain focus and will start to see the light at the tunnel.

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