William Peace Intramurals

Michelle Peace Photos

By Bronson Canovai

Raleigh, NC — As the 2015-2016 school year gets going the William Peace University Intramural staff is looking to continue their historic growth.

This is the first year that Peace will have a full-time staff member running the program.

This is crucial for the growth of the program. Matt Ard, a senior at WPU says, “As Co-President of the Intramural Club, having someone to completely manage the department means that we can offer more sports that will reach more students.”

Over the past two years the participation rate has increased tremendously.

Last year there were over 60 participants.

The sport that has the highest involvement is basketball, which is highly anticipated throughout the fall semester.

Nate Strother, a Senior athlete, said, “although I am not able to participate, I always enjoy going to support other athletes as they compete in a sport that they love.”

Nate goes to cheer on others who have supported him throughout his basketball career at WPU.

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