Peace Appreciates: Ferreri, Kearns

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This week William Peace University appreciates two lovely workers at the university. The first is faculty member Linda Ferreri who works as an associate professor in the Business Administration Department here at William Peace University. Ferreri has worked at the institution for many years and has helped further many interests not only in the field of business but also in her line of work, accounting.

Lexi and Ferreri
Left: Ferreri, right: Parlberg

Linda Ferreri
The person who appreciates all of Linda Ferreri’s hard work within the Business department is junior Alexis Parlberg. Parlberg has had the opportunity to get to know Ferreri over the past semesters by having Ferreri as a professor for many of her business administration major requirements. When asked reasons why Ferreri is an awesome professor Parlberg states, “Professor Ferreri truly cares about the students’ learning experiences here at Peace as she takes the time to let the students ask questions and she will answer the questions fully. She also makes sure to go over the homework we have in class that way she knows what concepts the students have a grasp on and which concepts we still need help understanding. Besides being a great professor she shows her school spirit for Peace as she makes sure to go and watch the soccer games with her husband whenever they get the chance.”
One event Parlberg is thankful for with Ferreri is a moment in one of her classes. Parlberg recounts, “During one of our class periods together I asked a question about a concept I was unsure of. She thought that she had answered my question fully, however, she must have seen the confused look on my face because she made sure to ask again and see if I had truly grasped the answer. She did not just move onto the next question. She stopped and took the time to re-explain the concept, even though re-answering the question did take up the majority of the class period remaining.”

When asked what Parlberg would say to Ferreri right now if she could she exclaimed, “Thank you for having the passion for teaching and accounting that you do. I enjoy that you do not just read the book to us in class but you make sure that we are understanding the concepts well enough to be able to apply them to modern day examples. Also I love that you do not just spit definitions back at us from the textbook but make sure that we can take the key ideas from a definition and apply them to other areas of our studies. The passion you show in the classroom truly shows and it has made me more passionate about my major.”
The second person William Peace University Appreciates is Karla Kerns. Kerns works as in Belk cafeteria swiping in students at breakfast and lunch during the weekdays. Kerns has always been talked highly of as almost all students who eat in the cafeteria know Ms. Karla and their little conversations they have at the Pacer card swipe station.
Bobby and Ms. Karla
Left: Kerns, right: Simcox

Karla Kerns

The person that appreciates all of Karla Kerns’s hard work with Sodexo here at Peace is junior Bobby Simcox. Simcox has grown close to Kerns over the past two years of getting his meals in the cafeteria. When asked reasons why Kerns is an amazing person Simcox said she is such an amazing person because “Ms. Karla is always friendly no matter what. I swear every time I go into the [cafeteria] she is always asking how I am doing that day. She even asks about the upcoming plays that Peace is putting on and when the upcoming Peace Singers concerts are. She is a genuine person as I know she is asking about our days because she really does care about what is going on in our lives. Even if it is a minute or two conversation we all know that Ms. Karla cares about us and would be there if we needed anything from her. She is also a very nice, happy and optimistic person.”
One event which Simcox is very thankful for with Kerns is a time she helped Simcox one day while going into the cafeteria for a meal. Simcox said, “One day my Pacer Card was not working and I had fried it. I fried it because I got my paper wallet wet so to dry it I decided to put it into the microwave which caused it to kill my Pacer Card. But I did not know it at the time so I went to the caf to try to get lunch and my card wasn’t working but Ms. Karla told me to go get some food anyway. It was a very motherly act as she wanted to make sure I was getting the nutrition I needed.”
Simcox would like to tell Kerns: “Thank you for being my mom away from home. Thank you for always being there on the weekdays to put a smile on my face even when I am unhappy. I truly hope to keep seeing you at the counter in the caf for years to come because I truly believe that no one can light up my day like you can! I love you Ms. Karla!”

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