Fair Fare: A Tutorial on the 2015 N.C. State Fair

Lit up ferris wheel at night

By  Karris Glenn

Most people go to the fair just for food, or even just for rides.

But how about the games?

Here’s an easy “How To” on the fair and how to survive the crazy crowds, food cravings and other carnival happenings.

Step 1: Buy tickets ahead of the fair. It’s CHEAPER.

You won’t be spending your life savings just for a night to the fair. You can buy them at all sorts of different places. Even at the Fairgrounds when they are having the weekly flea market. Or at Gate 9, by NC State.

Step 2: There are deals online on the North Carolina State Fair website.

Like the Food Lion Hunger Relief day. Bring 5 cans get in free! Or Military appreciation day. Military also daily gets in for only $6 when you have a valid ID.

Step 3: LUNCH.

You can gain access from 11 AM to 1:30 PM for $5 and if you come back by 1:30 you get your money returned to you! So you can enjoy a ride or two, grab a bite and head out! Simple as that.

Step 4: Rides, manage your tickets.

Look at what rides you would really like add up the tickets and see how much you will have to buy if you did not beforehand. Then go purchase the exact amount from the ticket stands. This way you won’t have left over tickets or wasted cash.

Ferris Wheel
Step 5: Games.

Games are the most teasing thing at the fair. The food you can limit yourself on because you get full. But the games are always pulling you in. There are awesome prizes like huge teddy bears or giant bananas.

The key to avoiding the game-trap: only bring a set amount of cash with you. This helps to prevent you from overspending while you’re trying to win your girlfriend/boyfriend that prize Fluffy the Unicorn.

Step 6: Food. Food at the fair is always expensive.

So my tip to you is to find the places offering the biggest bite for your buck. The Ham Biscuits are a key for college students. The fair-style Ham Biscuit is like eating a Bojangles country ham biscuits, but better.

They are delicious, not to heavy and not covered in grease. Or you can go to the famous spot, Rajun Cajun. Rajun Cajun is has a fast line and sports all sorts of fried foods; but you get your moneys worth with proportions.

Funnel Cakes
Step 7: Prizes.

Wait to play the games when you are done with everything else. Because who wants to hold big teddy bears and huge prizes when they are going to ride the rides or eat food?


Step 8: Money.

Don’t show everyone what you have. Pickpockets are always around and the fair is the main place they will hit. Especially in peak fair hours, there is always the chance that you could encounter a bad experience with a pickpocket. Keep your money close; keep it hidden.

Step 9: Park and ride.

Transits are meeting at different locations across town to pick up students and more, just to take them to the fair for a round trip cost of $4. The pick up and drop off locations are easily accessible, such as Hillsborough Street and Triangle Town Mall.

Step 10: Last but not least, browse online.

Online at NC state fair website it gives you key information. Like a map of the entire fair, all of the new foods and rides for this year and more.

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