Never Drink and Drive

Totalled car on a trailer

image00Raleigh just wrapped up another successful State Fair on Sunday October 25, 2015. While it brought a lot of people in for rides, food, and other exhibits including agriculture and wildlife. One important exhibit was the one featuring the law enforcement officers in North Carolina, which aimed to speak out against the dangers of drinking and driving.
Many people across the state are killed or injured due to a mixture of drinking and driving. This exhibit was made so that kids and adults will be able to see firsthand how crucial it is to make sure that people don’t get behind the wheel of a vehicle when they are intoxicated.
For the college students that attend the fair every year it was especially important to grab their attention by showing cars that people have totaled after being in car accidents due to drinking and driving.  While going out on college night may seem fun, it’s always a good idea to take control of making decisions and be wise about which person that may be driving.
The personal transport company, Uber, which is similar to a taxi service has quickly grown popular and many students use this as a way of transportation to and from a bar, or club. Taxis which have been around for ages are still just as popular a form of transportation as it has been in the past; however, even if the person that has been drinking or a friend may not want to pay for a ride to or from the particular destination there is always the option to call for a friend to be the Designated Driver (DD) for the night.
The whole purpose for this exhibit was to target the people attending the fair in order to show them the dangers of driving while intoxicated. The crashed cars were there to really make people look at how dangerous the results of drinking and driving really are.  Also, in the exhibit was a crash test in which people could participate in. The crash test allowed people to sit in a car seat in which they had to buckle up and then there was a fake crash that showed people what it would feel like to be in a wreck.
Another thing that people could participate in was a drinking and driving simulator that allowed people to put on “drunk” goggles and practice driving in a car that was only set up for this exhibit. This allowed people to get a firsthand experience to see what it would feel like to be intoxicated while driving.

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