Men’s and Women’s Cross Country: Making Strides

Over the past four years since William Peace University became co-ed, the university has seen a substantial growth in athletics. One of the athletic teams that has recently seen a great change is the Men’s and Women’s Cross Country team. This year’s team is the largest since the university went co-ed and is also the first scoring Women’s team since the 2009 season. With a total of 10 student-athletes this year, 2 men and 8 women, the team was ready to face the competition and is anxious to make an impact. The team had six rookie runners for the Fall 2016 Season.
Sierra Wyse, a Senior transfer from Hesston College, Kansas, said, “I actually never ran Cross Country when I was in high school in Iowa, but I did run when I was at Hesston College, a two-year college in Kansas. Running Cross Country has been quite an adventure. There isn’t much of a difference between running here in North Carolina and running in Kansas, except that Kansas tends to be a little more flat than [North Carolina].”
“As the season has progressed I feel like our team has become closer and more connected. There’s something about running for a long time that brings people together,” said Wyse.
Even so, this year was still a difficult one for Cross Country, “ I felt stronger and ready to get back into running, even with some bumps along the way,” said Jahamancely Cruz, Senior and second year Cross Country runner, who has suffered injuries the past two years. The team also endured the toughest and rainiest meet of year in Kernersville, North Carolina. The meet, which was originally to be hosted in Greensboro, North Carolina, was only postponed mere hours and relocated due to Hurricane Joaquin. Despite the change in location, the entire trail was still inches under water. One runner said, “compared to the conference meet last year, [that had also been wrought with rainy conditions], this meet was much much worse.”
The team finished their season on October 31 with the USA South Athletic Conference Meet at Hagan Stone Park, Greensboro, North Carolina. As the first scoring team since 2009, the Women finished ninth place out of eleven. Cruz attributed this accomplishment to Coach Jarrod Miron. “I absolutely love our coach. [Miron] is extremely flexible with each runner and he does an incredible job at pushing each individual and knowing how far they can go,” said Cruz.

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