Condolences to Paris

In the aftermath of the attacks in Paris, we find ourselves clinging to our faith, our loved ones, and our fellow citizens. We sent our condolences and prayers to Paris and we have promised them that they are not alone. In a briefing after the attacks, President Obama stated, “This is an attack on all of the humanity and the universal values we share.”
As genuine and necessary all of these actions are, this is not enough.
Somehow, someway, this world must come together and compute a strategy to fight this terror. Paris, France is an iconic city. The perpetrators were aware of this and intended for the world to see their organization’s capabilities. Their actions have suggested that at least one of their goals is to induce fear into the hearts of the innocent and to spread their ideology. Jason Winter, a London-based security analyst familiar with communications between terrorist organizations, made a statement as to why France was attacked. “It’s totally logical that as things get more difficult in Iraq and Syria and Libya that the group would begin to shift toward lashing out in Western countries or other countries, hitting soft targets rather than military targets, because that’s easier and it does secure a lot of headline space,” stated Winter.
As the struggle with terrorism around the world continues, a feeling of hopelessness weighs upon many. What do we do? How do we counter an organization that is existent in multiple countries? In America specifically, how can politics stop preventing a collaborative effort with the fight against terror? The truth is that people are afraid. People are afraid of not only dying while attending a social event, but afraid that it is now a fantasy for one to truly believe they are safe.
The attacks in Paris have many people wondering if the idea of “world peace” is indeed a fantasy. “I just want the fighting and killing to stop,” states sophomore, Malik Smith, of William Peace University. In a world with so many inevitable misfortunes, why does war and terror have to be so prominent? These questions do not seem to have a straightforward answer. However, we as a human race cannot become numb to this horror.
The citizens of France will be paranoid for years to come. Now, a loud noise at a local restaurant will be associated with gunshots. Now, people will be on guard while trying to enjoy a sporting event. This is no way to live life, especially in what is considered a civilized state such as Paris, France. The people do not know what to do, the politicians cannot agree on what to do, and the world does not know what to do. This is not pessimism, this is reality. However, through willpower, collaboration, and optimism, we can overcome. We have to.

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