Keeping Spirituality Alive at Peace

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By Brittnay Tillage

To stay spiritually plugged in; there are a few great options for students to choose from at William Peace University offers three main spiritual groups through student led organizations of Peace students and faculty.  This includes Connections, Ambassadors for Christ and Wednesday morning devotions in the Dinwiddie Chapel.

Ambassadors for Christ
Ambassadors for Christ (AFC) was co-founded in 2012 by Brittany Tillage and Mieshia Bacote. Tillage is a William Peace University senior and co-founder, Mieshia Bacote, is a 2015 Peace alumni who still spends time with AFC and stays involved in campus ministry.

Since 2012 the pair continues to hold service every Tuesday at 7 PM in the Kenan Choir Room, Kenan Center. Their mission and goal for years to come as an organization is to teach, admonish and help students stayed spiritually plugged in and involved on campus.

“I am definitely learning more. I think that it’s easier for me to understand [the teachings of Christ] and some things I [had] never even heard about until I came [to Ambassadors for Christ]. Plus, it’s nice to see other students there my age wanting to [also get involved].” says Anthony Williams, WPU first-year of Raleigh, North Carolina.

AFC continues to serve students through offering prayer, learning seminars, and fellowship activities.

“This organization helps me to become a better student because it opens my eyes more to wisdom and helps me to make better decision,” says Williams.

AFC’s commitment to grow and stand strong and [AFC] leaving a legacy of continued meetings, spiritual support and spiritual growth is what Senior Brittany Tillage, co-founder of Ambassadors for Christ hopes for.

Connection was founded October 14, 2014 by RoShaun Freeman, a William Peace University junior. The group meets every Thursday at 7:30 PM in Belk Lounge. The purpose and three core values for the organization is for students to:

  1. To be connected to Christ.
  2. To be connected to a local church.
  3. To be connected back to their campus with the gospel.

“Connection is not a bible study but a campus ministry and my goal is for students to be connected with Christ, and to get connected to a local church.”

Looking into the future, Freeman hopes that Connection outlives his time at WPU and continues to grow, all while retaining their same core values and continuing to produce leaders that will impact the world for Christ.

“I love every student here at Peace, I honestly love people and my prayer is that people will get connected to Christ,” says Freeman.

Wednesday Morning Devotion

The head of Wednesday Morning Devotion is conducted by Peace’s school Chaplain Dr. Cater. Carter has been the Chaplain at WPU for many years and continues to serve students in various ways, whether it’s teaching inside of the classroom or mentoring and encouraging student throughout the week.

Morning devotion is a time for students to come and prepare their hearts for the day through devotion, scripture, encouragement and worship.

This takes place every Wednesday at 10:30 AM in Dinwiddie Chapel.

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