WPU Appreciates: Sarah Heenan

Sarah Hennan holds an award while hugging Ameera Khattab on the right

This week William Peace University appreciates Sarah Heenan, who works as the conference and events manager in the Office of Administration and Business. Although she has recently moved to this new area of work, Heenan has worked through the school for many years in the office of student services and is an alumnae of Peace College.   
The person that appreciates all of Sarah Heenan’s hard work is sophomore Ameera Khattab. Khattab has grown close to Heenan through working on student government the past two years as well as working as an orientation leader at the freshmen orientation Pacer Camp this past summer. [sidebar title=”Want to show your appreciation?” align=”left” background=”on” border=”all” shadow=”on”]
WPU Appreciates is a column written by Alex Van Meir in which students than faculty and staff members who have made a difference in their lives. If you’d like to thank someone, contact Alex at avvanmeir@email.peace.edu.
“She is an optimistic, caring, funny, and empowering leader,” Khattab says. “She sees the potential in you and she helps you unlock it. She saw it in me when I did not think that I had any to give to Peace. She helped me see my leadership potential here. In addition, she is a very understanding person and has an open door policy so you can go talk to her regardless of what the subject matter. She is always there for you. She is more than just a staff member here at Peace. She is a friend and an amazing mentor.”
One event Khattab is thankful for with Heenan is having Heenan as an advisor for class council her freshmen year.
“I think I would not be the person I am today if I did not have her as an advisor my freshmen year and I would not have transformed into the leader I am today without her guidance,” Khattab states.
Khattab’s message to Heenan is one of gratitude: “Continue to be the beautiful and inspiring person that you are. I hope she makes a difference in other students’ lives the way she has made one in mine.”

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