Pacers Snowed Out

The Pacers baseball team had barely started their season when snow prevented them from practicing outside, setting them back almost a week.
The team moved their practices to the Stable, the new indoor facility on campus. The Stable is for both baseball and softball players, so the teams have to split their time in order to get their practices in.
“We’re going to be a little rusty and we are going to have to work hard in order to get back on track by the time conference starts,” says Outfielder Will Cunningham, a William Peace University junior.
The Pacers have had a lot of offensive practices in the Stable and have not had a chance to get outside and practice defensive skills. Defense will be a big part for the Pacers success this season.
“We have had a lot of hitting practices and very little defensive practices,” Payton said about not being able to practice outside. “Our defense will help us win games this year.”
But, he said, the new location had some benefits.
“Practicing in the Stable has allowed us to hit more and have better habits at the plate,” said Center Fielder Easton Payton, a WPU freshman.
The weather has not been what the Pacers have wanted to start the season. The Pacers have found a place that they can practice outside, in Holly Springs where the Holly Springs Salamanders play.
“Being inside was rough for my pitchers because they have not been able to throw off of a real mound,” said Curtis Owens, the pitching coach for William Peace University, “but I am excited to finally be outside with my staff.”
This is Owens’ first year with the Pacers and he is excited to be a part of the William Peace baseball team.  With warmer temperatures and better weather returning to Raleigh the team is finally getting outside and practicing in earnest.
“I just want to get back on the field, being in the Stable can get too crowded,” Cunningham said. “We have been inside for about a week or so and I’m just ready for the dirt and smells of the ballpark.”

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