Review: Chuck's Burgers

Interior of Chuck's Burgers dining room

By Calie Faulkner

Hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, and shakes are all within reach when Chuck’s is in the air. Chuck’s is located in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina and it’s off of Wilmington Street.

This restaurant is known for their 100% Chuck beef burgers that are made fresh to order and a variety of healthy homemade options available for toppings such as vinaigrette sauces, herb dressing, as well as vegetables and others.

The environment of this restaurant is amazing. When arriving at the door it was opened for me by the hostess and then I was immediately seated upon arrival.  As soon as I sat down and got comfortable I was greeted by an excellent waitress that served me with a glass of water and then proceeded to ask if there was another drink that I would like to have as well.

For my main meal I chose to make my own burger. This made the experience even more unique than it was already. While making my own burger I chose to have the burger cooked well done.

This allowed the taste to be excellent and moist with a great texture that will make your mouth water. I then topped the burger with cheddar cheese that was melted on top, which fell off of the burger making it look super toasty and delicious.

The cheese was then topped with bacon that was cooked to a crisp that also maintained excellent flavor and gave the burger a slight salty flavor with a slight crunch that made it more desirable.

On top of the crispy bacon was a piece of fresh lettuce that gave it a nice cool and crisp texture. It was a nice leafy green to show that it was fresh. Next to the lettuce was a perfect cut up avocado that completely made the entire burger.

It gave it a great texture that also helped to moisturize the burger. The avocado was the perfect soft texture and had a pretty green color that proved that it was the perfect time to slice it.

Fries were served as a side item to this meal. I was particularly impressed with the options of dipping sauces that were available to pick from. As a picky eater, I chose to go with a homemade herb dressing, which looked and tasted a lot like ranch. It was absolutely delicious.  It was served on the plate in a little silver dish that added a unique look. This dressing was highly recommendable.

As for the fries they were not show string sized and not the size of steak fries either, they were an in the middle size. I liked the fries because they weren’t too greasy, they were lightly salted and were cooked so that they melt in your mouth.  

For dessert I ordered a dark chocolate cake milkshake. This was the best topping for the meal. The milkshake was at a consistency where I could have either used a straw or a spoon; I chose a spoon to eat it with so every bite could be savored.  The milkshake was served in a glass cup so that it stayed cold which was nice. It was a very light brown since it was chocolate cake flavored.

 On the top of the milkshake was a slice of chocolate cake with chocolate icing. This was absolutely delicious. The cake part of the shake was excellent and had the right amount of flavoring to not make it overwhelmingly sweet.

This topping allowed for a great extra piece of layering to the rest of the shake. It had a nice over all flavors that wasn’t too sweet but was just enough chocolate to leave you satisfied.

Parking conditions can be a little tricky if there are no free parallel parking spots. However, there is a parking deck by Moore’s Square where you can pay a small fee per hour if no street parking is available.

The overall experience at Chuck’s was delightful.

I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone in Raleigh.

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