WPU Appreciates: "Miss Gina"

Miss Gina holds an award to the right of Karissa in Peace Perk

Gina Collins. Collins, often called Miss Gina by students, works in Peace Perk in the library here at William Peace University and really  knows how to light up any students’ day by offering them advice on anything from what drinks to have on a rough morning to getting through a stressful semester.
The person that appreciates all of Collins’ hard work in the Peace Perk area here at Peace is senior Karissa Abernathy. Abernathy has gotten close to Collins through all of her visits to Peace Perk.
“Whenever I am having a bad day, [Collins] will give me free drinks sometimes,” Abernathy states. “She always gives me hugs and good advice when I need it. She says ‘Baby I know you can do it,’ when I am having trouble in my classes or even in my personal life. She is constantly motivating me to be a better person and to do better.”
One event that Abernathy is thankful for is a day full of compassion.
“When my grandfather passed away, she sat and talked with me about it,” said Abernathy. “She has always been there for me ever since I have been here. She is honestly like my on campus mom. Thank you for always being there for me and for all of the other students here at Peace. Thank you for being an awesome person. You don’t get paid enough to do half of what you do but you still do it. I hope you know that you are appreciated for all the hard work that you do here Peace.”

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