Chicken and Waffles in Unique Setting

Main (Makayla Cook)

By Calie Faulkner

Beasley’s Chicken and Honey are known for their famous chicken and waffles. While this may not sound like they are two types of food that would go together, it has created a lot of pull for this local downtown Raleigh restaurant.

Recently, a few William Peace University Students went to Beasley’s for a birthday party and each of them ordered the chicken and waffles as their main dish.

Here’s what a couple of them had to say about the food or the atmosphere of the restaurant:

Connor Davis, senior at WPU, had been to Beasley’s before and was glad to be able to have the chance to go again with some friends.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere while eating here. It’s a good place sit and talk to your friends while you enjoy your meal,” said Davis.

The chicken and waffles are normally served on a plate together. The chicken will be placed on top of the freshly cooked waffle with a honey drizzle on top.

Customers are given the choice between a breast or a leg for the chicken.  Along with the chicken and waffles there is maple syrup in which may be used to dip the food in or to be poured over it to give it a sweet taste.

First time visitor Shannon Condon, was taken by surprise at how well the chicken and waffles tasted. 

“It raised my expectations for chicken and waffles,” said Condon. “My meal was juicy and full of flavor.”

Beasley’s also serves brunch, lunch and bar snacks for those who just decide to come to grab a drink and a bite.

Walking into Beasley’s may feel different than regular restaurant settings because of the way the tables are set up. There is a bar space and then there is a long table in the center of the restaurant that is similar to a bar setting (with stools) but lower to the ground than the actual bar.  

To the right of the center, bar-like table are regular tables for customers who are there to dine. The tables are made of wood which adds as rustic touch to the environment and the lighting in the restaurant is fairly dim and almost lantern-like.

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