New Club Celebrates International Ties

One does not have to attend William Peace University for very long to notice the vast diversity of its campus. If you look closer, however, you’ll also notice a distinct lack of studies and clubs that not only to recognize this diversity, but take advantage of and fully appreciate it.
Students travel whole states and sometimes go over several countries to go to certain colleges, so why should this one skip out on that?
Student Ricardo Stewart noticed this, and with his pride as an international student, started Peace’s first International Club. After having several posters hung all over campus, the interest meeting was held March 29.
“I wanted to start something like this ever since I transferred,” Stewart said.
The interest meeting consisted partially of introducing the members, which fully exposed the wide range that some students travel. There was also a large selection of food ranging from several countries available for all participants.
While Stewart’s goal is clear, what one should expect from the club remains vague. Stewart said potential activities are still developing.
“I want to create a family of international students,” Stewart said, showing enthusiasm in making this bi-monthly club into something of a community. “I’d like to arrange a trip to another country completely outside the United States.”
Several students seemed to share Stewart’s ambition, as around 20 attended  the meeting, in addition to the club’s faculty advisor.
Stewart also emphasized that these students who are far away from their homes and uncertain should feel welcomed in the International Club, where their insight can “give others different perspectives.”
But that shouldn’t discourage more local students from showing interest, as anyone who wants to join is welcome. In addition to taking out-of-state trips, Stewart also expressed desires to have the club attend local International Festivals, particularly ones at N.C. State University.
Considering the club’s originality as well as the passion displayed at the interest meeting, this could lead to other ventures into international activities and studies, more so than the upcoming trips to London and Italy, but a broader generalization of the subject of other cultures.

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