Peace Appreciates: Katie Otis

Katie Otis holds an award next to Rebekah Malkin

This week William Peace University appreciates history professor Katie Otis. 
The person that appreciates all of Otis’s hard work is senior Rebekah Malkin, who has grown close to Otis through taking many of her history classes over her four years here.
“She takes a lot of time to sit down with you and make sure you are succeeding,” Malkin says. “It is hard to fail her class honestly. Although she is nice she does not go soft on you. Also she takes a lot of time out of her personal life to help students succeed. She even gives out her home phone number. She honestly puts students first in a whole new light.”
One event Malkin is thankful for with Otis is her time in working on an independent study.
“We would meet up for lunch and we would talk about more than just class. We would talk about life and she would talk about her college life. Plus she pays for the lunch which is a great bonus. She goes above and beyond what is expected of a normal professor. She even writes inspirational quotes on the board for every class every day and she makes sure not to repeat the same quote twice.”

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