WPU Puts on Its First Dance Recital

Students dance in a recital room

Throughout this spring semester, the William Peace University dance community worked vigorously to put a production together in four short months.
The result was a modern dance recital held in Kenan Hall April 9th and 10th. This show was created by seven professional and two student choreographers, and performed by WPU students.
“It’s exciting and a relief to see the production come together,” said Sarah Putterman, choreographer, as opening night neared.
Amy White, assistant professor of musical theatre, first contacted professional choreographers across the Triangle area during the fall of 2015 in order to create dance pieces and assist in the casting process.
White and her assembled team hosted a campuswide audition in January of 2016, where they chose more than 20 students for the spring production.
After casting students, the rehearsals started right away. The dancers learned the choreography and then learned how to perfect every move. This part of the process was frustrating since it was repetitive and tedious as each weekly rehearsal was reviewing what has been learned thus far.
The hard work and effort throughout these grueling months was well worth it as their production came to life; however, it wasn’t the easiest time because students’ lives were taken over by dance all while trying to manage classes and extracurricular activities.
“Our lives [revolved] around dance,”said Katie-Beth Jenkins, WPU junior.
After the dance pieces had been constructed and perfected for opening night, a professional team of designers created an artistic vision for each piece in regards to the lighting, sound, props, and costumes.
Finally, all elements of the dance recital came together in time for the April performances.
Interested in dance? Dance classes are now open to all majors and everyone is encouraged to join in. Contact Amy White at Amy.White@peace.edu for more information.

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