WPU Appreciates: "Mama Sheri"

Sherri Keasler stands holding an award to the left of senior Dru harris

By Peace Times Staff

This week William Peace University appreciates one of the most dedicated staff members and 2016 Miss Peace winner, Sheri Keasler. Keasler works as the Student Services Office Manager in Ruffin Hall along with being a part-time student.

The person that appreciates all of Sheri Keasler’s hard work at William Peace University is senior, Dru Harris. Keasler has been Harris’s mentor over the past two years and she has enjoyed every minute of it.

“When you think of someone who embodies the essence of Peace it’s her,” said Harris. “She is just someone who will go out of her way to help you as she goes the extra mile to make your problems her problems. Along with her own children, she makes every student at Peace one of her own. We call her Mama Sheri for a reason.”

One event Harris is thankful for is her mentor/mentee relationship with Keasler.

“She has been my mentor for the past two years,” said Harris. “She went out of her way to make sure I was doing everything I needed to. She even had me fill out a sheet making sure that at the beginning of the semester I introduced myself to every professor and set up academic goals. She set me up for success at Peace because she saw potential in me.”

Along with Harris, every student at Peace wants to extend their love to Peace’s mother who is always there to fight for us and push us to become the best versions of ourselves. We will all be there cheering for her as she crosses the stage this May.

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