Advice for the Class of 2020 (Demo)

With classes starting this week, some William Peace University alumni wanted to reach out and give advice to the class of 2020.

  • “When you are able to intern, make sure to take as many as you can. Even if you aren’t paid, the experience itself is a paycheck and gives you a leg up.” – Ashley Simms, Class of 2009
  • “Have a good time but make sure to study too.” – Patch Perry, Class of 1961
  • “I promise you this is a place you’ll never forget, so keep doing what you’re doing because it will pay off” -Kirsten Benzaquen, Class of 2011
  • “Really take the time to figure out who you are as a person, and once you have, hold onto it, because it will be beneficial after you leave Peace.” – Melvin Gray, Class of 2016
  • “Follow your passion and take advantage of every tool Peace has to offer.” – Alli Leggett-Woolard, Class of 2001
  • “Take your dissatisfaction and turn it into satisfaction. Odds are if you let someone know at Peace, there is a chance that it can be changed for the betterment of the institution.” – Dawn Dillon, Class of 1986
  • “Don’t let something slide by you, because you’ll never know what opportunities or advice you may miss along the way.” – Sarah Barge, Class of 1979
  • “Come in with an open mind ready to tackle those new challenges as it only makes you a better person and will have a positive impact on you.” -Bryson Gibson, Class of 2015
  • “This isn’t a rehearsal and you don’t get a do over, so you might as well try for the impossible.” – Megan Hoffner, Class of 2011
  • “Understand that Peace is unlike any other college campus because of the intimacy you feel, not only from the students, but the professors as well.” – Anthony McCue, Class of 2016
  • “Make sure to space out your classes, and take the time to take a little bit of everything Peace has to offer.” – Danica Co, Class of 2013
  • “Remember we all have an accountability to leave our legacy at Peace.” – Ginger Shields, Class of 1977
  • “Believe in yourself and find someone who can believe in you.” – Gale Wilkens, Class of 2013
  • “Accept that failure is on the path to success.” – Dr. Kirsten Wynns, Class of 1997
  • “Take advantage of every opportunity that’s offered to you, because it will help you develop so many different skills that will only benefit you in the future.” – Sara Jo Manning, Class of 1958 and 1960
  • “Love it, work hard, and enjoy it because this is an incredible time in your life.” – Laura Elliot, Class of 1969
  • “Realize that the friends you make here are forever.”- Jane Bondurant, Class of 1971
  • “Appreciate the history of Peace, how it’s transitioned, and learn where you come from.” – Rachel Reynolds, Class of 2000
  • “Don’t get caught up on the little things, and always remember to not lose sight on the forest because you are to busy focusing on a single tree.” – Lee Rast, Class of 1975
  • “Make sure to get out of your room and see all of the opportunities you have to make lifelong friends and get involved in Peace.”- Marilyn Butler Inman, Class of 1984

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