Advice for New Roommates

Jarrett Bennett stands holding up a peace sign to the left of Rakeem Williams kneeling in a dark parkinglot

By De’Ante Taylor

Getting along with your roommate is important in college; however, everyone has had problems with their roommates.

Going around William Peace University and talking to a few students that have been roommates for a couple year shows there are key factors necessary in order to build a healthy relationship.

One of the important factors of getting along with your roommate is building a relationship with each other. Seniors Rakeem Williams and Jarrett Bennett have been roommates for three years now. They have became good roommates because they built not only a friendship but a brotherhood through keeping an open line of communication.

Williams explained that if they had problems in their room or apartment they talk it out because everyone has a different perspective. Williams piece of advice to new roommates is that you should keep an open mind to people you are just meeting because they provide ideas on things that you might like.

Tiayra Deans, Jasmine Paige, and Tatyana Ryals are new roommates.

Talking to them shows that there are problems as they had never lived together till this year. Everyone in their apartment has different mind sets of maturity so in order to become closer roommates they must communicate.

This shows that communication is very important in order to getting along with your roommates.  

Everything about William Peace University is building friendships, relationships, and family. Building a relationship and communicating with people you do not know may be hard but it will be well worth.

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