Nataluna The Great

Female student Natalie Arthur stands holding her painting of a mandala

By Malik Smith

Natalie Arthur, a sophomore at William Peace University, is majoring in psychology and is on the leadership team of the Gamma Gamma Sigma sorority; however, one of her greatest attributes is that she is an artist. 

Since she was a child, Arthur has been in touch with her creative side and has allowed her imagination to take control in producing many great pieces.

“I really think that everyone has a creative side,” she said. “I just think that some people are more in touch with it than others.”

In addition, she believes that if people gave into their imagination more and allowed their creative side to grow the world would be a much more peaceful place.

Though she’s unsure if she would want to incorporate art into her future goals, Arthur is considering pursuing a career in art therapy with the goal of using art to help others cope with the stressors in everyday life.

“When I paint or draw it really helps me get out of my feelings,” she sais. “It makes me feel confident because it shows I have a talent.”

With years of using thoughts and feelings to make appealing pieces, her painting of cactus plants wearing bow-ties holds a special place in her heart as it was inspired by her boyfriend.

Photo Courtesy of Natalie Arthur
Photo Courtesy of Natalie Arthur

Arthur’s goal is to continue to create artwork as long as she possibly can and she hopes to become an even greater artist as time goes on.

You can follow Arthur’s artistic movement on Instagram at @natalunaart.

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